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With nearly 73 years of combined experience in the domestic and international marketplace ESI Fuel & Energy Group, LLC. (ESIFEG) is poised to exponentially expand its product offerings into the global marketplaces.

Parent company, E.S. Investments, Inc. is an Illinois Oil Company formed in 1980.  E.S. Investments manages and operates oil wells for two associated companies IBHD LLC. and Intrepid Petroleum LLC.    E.S. Investments, Inc. is expanding its footprint to include a newly formed strategic partnership with four privately owned Fuel and Energy Companies; to create a sister company, ESI Fuel & Energy Group, LLC. (ESIFEG)

ESIFEG is located in Collinsville IL, and is responsible for the procurement and commodities vertical. ESIFEG is the conduit into Direct Suppliers and Buyers of commodities not limited to exotic fuel blends worldwide. We endeavor to become a global leader of integrated and innovative energy solutions for the private and public sectors.

ESIFEG is an independent wholesale distributor of refined petroleum products, exotic fuels such as:  Jet A-1, ULSD, D2, D6, Crude Oil, LNG and innovative energy solutions to include Wind, Solar (Photovoltaic) and Biofuels throughout the United States and globally. With an expanding footprint into Europe, Africa and Asia our goal is to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices.