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The Illinois Basin is a very large geologic feature that includes Southern Illinois, Indiana, Western Kentucky and small areas in Missouri and Tennessee.

The Basin has produced in excess of 4 billion barrels of oil with proven reserves of over 9 billion still remaining not including shale reservoirs.

The vast majority of wells drilled in the Illinois Basin have been and continue to be vertical wells.   This presents an outstanding opportunity to become one of the prime horizontal drilling companies within the basin.

Horizontal drilling will revitalize the Illinois Basin by recovering by-passed oil in established oilfields and oil in tight reservoirs throughout the Basin.  Because the average depth of a well is less than most areas, the cost to drill and complete is also less than other oil producing regions.

The Illinois Basin is poised to become a hot area due to its low costs, potential for recovering by-passed oil in its major oil fields, and future shale production.   By careful selection of projects within the defined limits of existing fields we can eliminate dry holes and provide excellent rates of return.